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We offer a full package and personalized drone and ROV service, from in-situ acquisition to report delivery, going through 2D and/or 3D photogrammetric processing and result analysis and interpretation. Our goal is to satisfy the particular needs of every project and put at your disposal our corporative network to help us respond to all your requirements.

Geology Consultancy using drones

Data acquisition, calculations and terrain studies such as cubic capacity, cartography and monitoring of dynamic parameters such as erosion. This is possible thanks to different processing techniques. Next to this text you will be able to interact with one of our 3D models, in this case the Tajogaite volcano at La Palma.

Geological consulting with ROV’s:

This service allows the study of underwater geology in the first person in a pioneering way, accessing underwater geological environments that were previously limited to large oceanographic, energy and telecommunications exploration campaigns.

Underwater services

We put our equipment at your service for the underwater tasks you propose to us. A technician will travel with the ROV with the necessary accessories to record, recover objects from the bottom, inspect or monitor the object of study. Watch a video of our collaboration with the NGO Ghost Diving Spain.


Exclusive to our customers in the underwater sector, we offer the support you need to get the most out of your Fifish equipment.

Why hire our services

  • We are geologists and have the ability to read and understand the terrain in a unique way. This allows us to work with precision and optimize the acquisition of data and information necessary for your projects.
  • Our knowledge combined with the software we work with results in reduced risks and costs for your projects and investments.
  • Our drones are designed to allow us to reach the most inaccessible places, from a mine to a peak of more than 2000 meters or in the twilight of the depths thanks to ROVs.
  • We make underwater operations more efficient by optimizing jobs in the aquatic environment and making them much safer.