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We are official distributors of the Fifish product line, apart from the equipment we have technical service and all the spare parts and extras to meet your needs. All products have a warranty and are accompanied by the most essential extras.

Gamma V6

V6 Expert

The first professional ROV of the V6 series, autonomy of up to 100 meters, 4 hours of operation, 3 knot speed and 6000 lumens of lighting. Able to incorporate a tool with its port for connections, an affordable professional solution. See it in action in the video below

V6 Plus

The most complete professional ROV in the V6 series, with an autonomy of up to 4 hours, 3 knot speed and 6000 lumens of lighting. Designed for technical work, this ROV can dive up to 150 m, incorporates lasers to measure distances and sonar to avoid collisions. Moreover, it can also incorporate advanced positioning accessories with its connection port.


The recreational ROV, with a battery that can last up to 2 hours and an autonomy of up to 100 meters deep, its tool is its 12 MP camera with the possibility of recording up to 4K UHD. Equipped with 4000 lumens spotlight.

Fifish W6 PRO

This 20 kg ROV can reach a speed of 5 knots, with a battery capable of working for 8 hours at a maximum depth of up to 350m. Incredibly stable, accurate and compatible with up to 5 accessories at once. It is the only equipment that allows the battery to be changed on site. It is designed for the most challenging tasks in the most hostile environments, ideal for emergency jobs. An indispensable add-on for high-risk operations


These ROVs can incorporate a multitude of accessories designed for different tasks, if you are interested in knowing more contact us for more specific information.

  • Measuring sensors: The entire range of environmental quality analysis for water.
  • Manipulation and sampling tools: For the recovery of objects and water and soil sampling.
  • Inspection tools: Our range of sonars and radars to work with maximum precision in the most demanding environments.
  • Navigation tools: To achieve maximum precision and positioning in all operations.
  • Accessories to improve performance: Automatic and higher-capacity winches, water-resistant controls and computers.
  • Engine and propeller spare parts among others.

Want to know which ROV is best for you? Complete the form and we will advise you.

We are a dynamic and flexible team, focused on adapting to our customers and their particularities. For any doubt, query, budget or ad-hoc project, do not hesitate to contact us:
Fernando (+34) 646 131 278